Fun Things to Do While High With Your Friends

Weed and good times go hand in hand. For the cannabis lover, just about everything is better with a buzz. Now that cannabis has gone mainstream, enjoying your favorite activities with a bit of THC is even easier, and more fun. In many cases, cannabis is replacing alcohol as the go-to social lubricant. It eases anxiety, is easy to dose, and doesn’t leave you with a hangover the next day. 

There are plenty of ways to share cannabis with your friends. Whether you opt for a perfectly rolled joint, a pack of gummies, or a vape pen is up to you. Might we suggest a THC-infused seltzer? We created PBR High Seltzer with your good times in mind. Kick back with your buds and sip on a 10 mg can of seltzer (or two, depending on how adventurous you want to get). If you are short on activities made better with weed, let us help inspire your next day with your pals. 

Top Activities While Stoned With Your Friends

Looking for something active? Or relaxing? We’ve got it all. From indoor to outdoor, games to lessons, check out our list of fun things to do while high with your friends. Then, link up for a PBR High Seltzer sesh beforehand, and prepare for a day of blissed-out fun. 

Take a Cooking Class

Okay, what’s more rewarding than getting high and making snacks to fix the munchies? Sure, you could whip up a frozen pizza or make a simple pasta dish, but why not challenge yourself? There are likely tons of cooking classes in your area with themes like Texas BBQ, French pastries, Italian cuisine, or roll-your-own sushi. Not so interested in attending a live class? Two words: YouTube University! Hop on YT and search for a recipe that whets your appetite. If you really want a cannabis-themed meal, check out this cannabis-infused chili recipe. Craving sweets? Few things are better than the perfect pot brownies

Bust Out a Board Game

Nothing beats a good board game. There is something for everyone, so you’ll have no trouble pleasing a crowd. Plus, you can crack a fresh THC seltzer in the comfort of your own home whenever you want. Plan ahead and shop for a weed-themed board game, or make any game weed-themed with PBR High Seltzer. Backgammon, puzzles, poker, and Monopoly are all made better with a buzz. Prefer something a bit more interactive? Try out Twister or giant Jenga. 

Catch a Yoga Class

You are missing out if you haven’t gotten stoned and spent some time deep stretching. Yoga is the ultimate stoner exercise. Getting high before class loosens up your muscles and helps calm your nervous system so you can get into the zen zone. If you live near Santa Cruz, you can attend in-person yoga classes at Green Magic Yoga, where attendees are encouraged to use cannabis in class. Many yoga teachers and studios are hosting stoned yoga events throughout California, so do a little research and find one close to you.

fun things to do while high with your friends

Go Bowling

When was the last time you went bowling? This is a fantastic group sport, but it only takes two to play. No matter your crew size, bowling is a perfect stoner sport. Head down to the local lanes after a high seltzer session and see who can throw the first strike. Who knows, maybe you’ll get picked up by the local league (or finally get that Turkey).

Pool Day/Park

Swimming while stoned is just…better. Spend the day at your local pool or waterpark. Not so much for the public venues? Lakes, rivers, and the ocean are the perfect way to chill with friends while high. Grab your surfboard and hit the waves, or try out boogie boarding at the beach. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are great lake toys, and there are many ways to kick back and enjoy the shore. Toss a frisbee, have a bonfire, make s’mores, or play horseshoes.

fun things to do while high with your friends

See a Movie

An effortless way to enjoy getting high with friends is to see a movie. Sure, you could watch at home, and that’s fun too, but nothing compares to the surround sound and theater vibes. It’s the perfect way to tune everything out and get completely immersed in the story. Can’t decide what to see? Play a game of rock paper scissors amongst friends, and the winner picks the flick.

Ride a Rollercoaster

You're missing out if you live near a theme park and haven’t gone while high. The thrills are extra-hype when stoned, and it’s easy to feel like a kid again. Ride the scariest rollercoaster and check out all of the newest VR experiences. Eat cotton candy and do the whole thing as you would if you were eight. Except, you know….stoned. 

Get High With a Little Help From Your Friends (at Pabst Labs)

Invite your pals over to your place before embarking on an adventure. Shop online and opt for delivery to get PBR High Seltzer dropped off right at your doorstep. We’ve got four fruit flavors to choose from, and you can mix ‘n match 4-packs or go big with a 24-pack for all-day fun. Try out Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon, Passion Fruit Pineapple, and Mango Blood Orange to find your favorite flavor. With 10 mg THC per can, experienced consumers can enjoy more than one for an amplified buzz. Have a blast out there, pals.