Herb for the Holidays: How to Get High at Family Gatherings

The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy each other's company. That said, it can be difficult if you're a cannabis user who doesn't want to get high in front of their family. Unfortunately, some family members are less accepting, and others are downright not into it. You may not feel comfortable smoking in the presence of your parents or young children, or you may not want your loved ones to know you use cannabis at all.

Yet what better way to stoke your appetite for a big holiday meal than by inspiring a case of the munchies? So as you prepare for family gatherings this holiday season, stick to our best tips and tricks for getting high without getting busted by mom. 

Getting High on the Sly

Keeping up with your usual cannabis routine around the family is not always easy. In fact, it's downright difficult. While you have every right to enjoy yourself during your vacation, you also have an obligation to be respectful of other people's time, space, and preferences—including the folks who might be paying for your trip or hosting you in their weed-free home.

If you're like most stoners, getting high discreetly is a must during family holidays. But how can you get high without anyone knowing? We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you stay lit until after you’ve finished the pumpkin pie. 

Use a Code Word

Have cousins or family members that also smoke/partake? Have a code word to let them know it's time to puff out back. Maybe it's "I need to get something from the car" or "Check out the neighbor’s new driveway.” Pick something that will be an easy (yet unsuspecting) phrase to signal to your cousin that it’s time to get blazed during the festivities. 

Cover up the Evidence

Eye drops are great for hiding red eyes from smoking pot. Just make sure you're not wearing contacts! If your eyes are already red from allergies or something else, try using eye wash instead. If you've just smoked some weed and want to eliminate that smell in your mouth, chewing gum or mints can help mask it. Using body spray after smoking is a good way to cover up the smell of marijuana on your clothes. It's also less noticeable than using cologne or perfume because many people wear body spray every day anyway!

Be Helpful

Low on ice? Need to pick up another six-pack of beer? Offer to run errands, walk the dog, or do anything that allows you to escape for a break. Of course, this will also give you some time alone so that you can smoke or vape in peace. You could even bring your own dog with you so that everyone will be preoccupied with petting it instead of asking questions about where you went.

Ditch the Joint for a Vape

Burning a bowl or sparking a joint is going to send off more red flags than vaping. First of all, weed smells. While we think it smells delicious, good luck fooling Uncle Ron into thinking it is just a dead skunk on the road. Plus, burning anything leaves a lingering smell. Instead, consider leaving the pungent flower at home and bringing a vape pen. It’s super discreet, easy to toss in your pocket (or leave in the garage for others to enjoy), and the scent is very short-lived. 

Skip the Booze

No need to get royally obliterated by mixing alcohol and weed. The crossfade can sneak up on you quickly, so while you might not feel tipsy after a couple of IPAs, you probably will if you take a few rips from a vape pen while drinking. Getting overly intoxicated at a family gathering is a prime opportunity for drama so just avoid it! Keep it simple with a favorite beverage during dinner, but otherwise, stick to the herb. 

Take the Easy Route

The easiest way to get high for the holiday is to do it right in front of everyone. Yep, you read that right. Get high right in front of the fam, discreetly. Sip your way to stoned with a THC beverage. Put your PBR High Seltzer in a coozie, or pour it into a glass for a THC mocktail. You’ll be getting buzzed, and no one will be the wiser. Just make sure you don’t leave any cans lying around in case someone mistakenly grabs one thinking it’s a normal seltzer. No need to send Grandma into a time warp!

Stock Up For the Holidays

Try the newest High Seltzer to join the Pabst Labs family—Daytime Guava. If you haven’t heard about THCv yet, it’s like a natural, cannabis-derived uplifting energy drink. Paired with a dose of THC, Daytime Guava is an ideal beverage for long days catching up with your cousins.

Shop all of the PBR High Seltzer flavors online. With select delivery options, you can even have your drinks delivered right to the front door. Make sure you answer it before Grandpa does! Unless he wants the first sip, you never know! Happy Holiday season.