Your Checklist for a Weed-Themed Memorial Day

The first blooms of spring signal that summer is just around the corner, but it’s Memorial Day weekend that truly feels like the official launch. When you luck out with a sunny day, there’s no better way to ring in the new season than a backyard BBQ.

Host a memorable event by throwing a weed-themed party for your friends and family. We’ve got suggestions to help you prep with drink ideas, decor, and snacks. Read on and get ready to party.  

Memorial Day Party Tips

The most important party tip no matter the occasion is don’t dive and drive. Whether you’re sticking to weed or looking for a bit of beer with your bong, be sure to play it safe and catch a ride.

Other tips for a killer Memorial Day include keeping your pets indoors. Fireworks tend to fly this weekend in some areas and pets can be spooked by the sound and take off running for cover. It’s best to leave them safe at home with some soothing music on. 

And, of course—stay hydrated. Whether you choose to imbibe cannabis or alcohol or both, drink plenty of water to prevent any dehydration or hangovers. This can also help protect any nasty sunburns from long days outdoors. A party hat and a pair of weed-themed glasses don’t hurt either.

Weed Themed Party Must-Haves

To throw the best weed-themed party, there are a few items you absolutely must-have. Here are our top recommendations for a great ganja get-together. 


You simply cannot host an event without an assortment of beverages. Your guests have varying tastes, and a thoughtful host offers a variety of options to choose from. 

A weed-themed party must have weed beverages and fortunately, there is no shortage of tasty options. The ultra-famous PBR has made an appearance at more weekend parties than we could ever count, but this summer the cult classic offers a different kind of buzz. 

Launched in 2020, Pabst Labs entered the weed drink market with a sparkling seltzer infused with 10 mg of THC. After nearly 178 years in the beer business, the fine folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon took their experience with bubbly beverages and created an entirely new company. Pabst Labs launched PBR High Seltzer in a slim 12 oz. can, with the famous blue ribbon emblazoned on the front.

Choose from Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon, Passion Fruit Pineapple, or Mango Blood Orange or get a mix ‘n match six-pack and try them all. While 10 mg is a comfortable dose for most newcomers to weed drinks, it’s best to sip slowly and see how you feel. Get PBR High Seltzers delivered, and don’t forget to fill your coolers with ice. 

Not a seltzer fan? No problem. You might be interested in trying Not Your Father’s Root Beer. This sweet treat is probably the best root beer you’ve ever tasted, and not just because it’s infused with 10 mg THC per bottle.

It’s sweet, and zesty, with a zippy spice that you only get from high-quality root beer. Sip it straight out of the bottle or enjoy a classic root beer float. Get Not Your Father’s Root Beer delivered and discover your new summer favorite.

While some of your guests might be enticed by the taste of THC soda or seltzer, others might desire something a little more custom. Something a little more……potent. Don’t worry. This is where St. Ides comes in. Their 4 oz. THC shots contain 100 mg THC per bottle and make an excellent mixer for any number of cocktails and mocktails. 


Entice your mixologist friends to whip up something fancy by adding one Watermelon, Blue Razz, or Strawberry Lemonade shots to bitters, juices, and bubbles. Who knows what they’ll come up with. Get St. Ides shots delivered and spice up the party.

Weed Decorations

Now, this is where you can let loose and get creative. For making drinks, you can’t leave out these pot leaf ice cubes. While you’re at it, you might as well get some weed straws for an added flair to any glass or bottle.  

You’ve probably played beer bong, but have you ever heard of bong pong? It’s exactly what you’re thinking, and there’s a special table for that. Weed balloons, pot glitter, and stoner banners are a few items sure to add to the weed-themed party.   

Last but not least, place these glow-in-the-dark pot leaf lights around the venue for a special surprise after the sun goes down. 


Cannabis edibles are a must for any weed-themed party. One of the best social snacks is a classic chip and dip. It’s a timeless offering due to its versatility and likeability. Who doesn’t love dunking a tiny edible spoon made of corn tortilla into a piping hot container of queso? What’s not to love about freshly mashed guacamole or super spicy salsa?

Things could get a little out of hand with an unmarked bowl of medicated chips, so instead, offer a THC-infused savory snack alongside a regular bowl of chips. TSUMo SNACKS makes five different kinds of salty, crunchy snack foods that are perfect for dipping or enjoying alone. Try their Ranch, Salsa Verde, or Hint of Lime tortilla rounds. 

Or, if you’re feeling spicy, check out their Fiery Hot cheese crunchers. Each bag is individually dosed at 10 mg THC. 


Did you think we forgot about the weed? Of course not. No backyard BBQ is complete without fine herb.


We mentioned their shots above, but St. Ides also makes incredible non infused and infused pre-rolls with THC crystals sprinkled inside. If you like blunts, check out their tobacco-free options. Order in singles, or get a 5-pack of blunts to pass around the party. To ensure you don’t run out of weed, St. Ides are available for delivery.

Happy Holidaze

We know, we already said play it safe and don’t drink and drive. It’s worth mentioning twice. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and remember why we’re celebrating. This weekend honors the lives sacrificed in the name of protecting our nation. If you’re interested in supporting our veterans, consider supporting the Veterans Cannabis Project. Become an advocate or donate to their mission of providing safe, accessible cannabis medicine to veterans.